21 Things I’ve Learned about Business, Money, Entrepreneurship, and Life


I recently wrote a post about 10 rules for writing awesome blog content.

In this post, I break most of those rules.

But as I said in that post, you also must know when to break the rules 🙂

Here are 21 things I’ve learned about business, money, entrepreneurship, and life through my own successes and failures as well as from studying great entrepreneurs and investors:

  1. Money is a proxy for value.
  2. Good marketing can sell a bad product.
  3. A perfect product and no marketing results in no sales and ultimately a failed business.
  4. Some business types are more likely to be profitable than others.
  5. Usually you don’t need anyone’s permission (except your own) to pursue your passions. So you shouldn’t need to ask for permission or forgiveness.
  6. Passive income is the hardest income to earn.
  7. No one can figure out what you want to do for you.
  8. Everyone works for (someone who works for) an entrepreneur.
  9. Business is about relationships.
  10. A resume is almost always necessary, but rarely if ever sufficient, for obtaining a job.
  11. Relationships are the best way to find job opportunities.
  12. Most people would rather you be confident and wrong than timid and right.
  13. Prospective employers want to know what your skills are and how your skills can make them money.
  14. If you can demonstrate that you can make someone money, it doesn’t matter where you went to school, if you went to school, or what you studied. People will want you to make them money and will pay you for it.
  15. As tuition skyrockets, the return on investment for a university education becomes worse and worse.
  16. A college degree isn’t necessary to make a lot of money.
  17. College can be a good insurance policy to help you get a job in certain industries if entrepreneurial endeavors don’t work out or take longer than you thought.
  18. Most people who want to make a lot of money don’t work hard enough to make a lot of money.
  19. Success is rare because people don’t execute, not because people lack information.
  20. It’s 8 to 5, not 9 to 5 and hardly anyone works as few hours as 8 to 5.
  21. You must be willing to work over 80 hours a week if you want to avoid the necessity of working 40 hours a week.


What else should be on this list?

Let me know in the comments