10 Professional Bloggers Making between $100,000 and $3 Million a Year!


I was getting coffee with a friend recently who told me about a restaurant start-up he’s doing.

We chatted about it for a while and then I told him about this blog.

He looked a little confused.

He asked me something along the lines of, “Is there really any money in that?”

I chuckled to myself because I was thinking the same thing about his business venture.

Of course I know you can make a lot of money with restaurants.

But as billionaire entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel says of the restaurant industry:

margins are thin, wages are low, growth is slow, and investment in innovation is difficult to recoup.

In other words, the restaurant industry is hard!

And I wouldn’t recommend anyone pursue it unless they were truly passionate about it.

On the other hand, blogging is a stellar business model with the capacity for unlimited profit.

But don’t take my word for it.

Just check out this quote from billionaire investor, Seth Klarman:

Today’s most profitable businesses are those in which you sell a fixed amount of work product – say a piece of software or a hit recording – millions of millions of times at a very low marginal cost.

This is an unbelievable endorsement for blogs from a business genius.

For those confused by the business speak, Klarman is essentially saying that the best businesses sell products with low overhead and can make money forever.

A blog is EXACTLY this kind of business.

Blogs have extremely low overhead and one blog post in which you recommend an affiliate product or sell your own product can make money forever.

This is why I recommend Bluehost web hosting.*

It’s simple to use, inexpensive (use my link and get 50% off), and will enable you to start a WordPress blog today with the click of a button.

Blogs also receive a thumbs up from Bill Gates, the richest man in the world.

Not only does he run his own blog and invest significantly in high quality media output, but he has also said that he imagines content will be where the real money is made on the web.

Bloggers are content creators by definition, meaning they stand to make real money if they dedicate themselves to producing excellent content.

Need proof?

Here are 10 bloggers making $100,000 or more a year from their blogs!

1.Sarah Titus, making ~$130,000 a year

Sarah Titus runs an incredible mom blog about how to make money from home and on the web.

Her story is so great because she went from being homeless without a dime to her name to making over $100,000 a year.

Sarah’s story represents one of the most incredible aspects of a blog – that you can start with nothing and build a thriving business.

Most businesses (like starting a restaurant) require significant start-up capital.

But Sarah shows us that you can build a six-figure blog barely spending a penny on start-up costs.

You can check out her income report for a detailed breakdown of how she makes her money, but the majority of her income comes from affiliate marketing.

What’s affiliate marketing?

Basically, it’s when you recommend a product and get a commission on the sale price if someone makes a purchase.

You’ll notice this is a major theme with successful bloggers:

At least some – and usually a significant portion – of their income comes affiliate products.

Note: they must establish incredible trust with their audience in order to successfully earn affiliate income.

2. Rosemarie Groner with The Busy Budgeter, who is on track to make ~$140,000 in 2017

Rosemarie of The Busy Budgeter made over $12,000 in March of 2017.

If she keeps this up, she’ll make over $140,000 from her blog in 2017!

She’s a mom blogger who writes about simple, practical personal finance and tips to help you live within your means.

What’s most inspiring to me about her story is the speed at which she achieved success.

She went from 0 to 400,000 page views a month in less than a year, largely due to Pinterest.

And she did all of this working on it alongside her full-time job!

Rosemarie is an inspiration to all of us who have to maintain full-time jobs while we pursue our entrepreneurial passions on the side.

That’s certainly my situation, and if it’s yours, know that there are many successful bloggers like Rosemarie who built their success while working a day job.

Of note is that a significant portion of her income comes from affiliates.

She also earns money participating in ad networks and sponsored posts.

3. Justin Weinger with So Over This, who is on track to make ~$140,000 in 2017

So Over This is a blog originally started by Andrea Whitmer.

She explains her difficult formative years and how and why she started her blog in raw detail here.

But she actually sold her blog to a personal finance blogger named Justin, who now runs the show.

He’s done a good job keeping the blog up and running and according to his last income report in October of 2016, he earned nearly $12,000 online.

If he keeps this up, he will make over $140,000 in 2017!

Justin’s story is interesting because he’s the first seriously successful pro blogger I’ve come across that bought into an audience, as opposed to building it from scratch.

This should be an encouragement to anyone looking to buy into or flip websites.

4. Kristen Larsen with Believe in a Budget, who is on track to make ~$228,000 in 2017

Kristen Larsen runs Believe in a Budget, a personal finance blog with a focus on internet income and side hustles.

Kristen has built a really successful blog, driving most of her traffic from Pinterest.

In March of 2017, she made over $19,000, which means she could make over $228,000 this year.

The vast majority of Kristen’s revenue comes from recommending affiliate products. (surprise surprise).

You also might notice from our list so far that female bloggers writing about personal finance seem to have the capacity to do really well driving traffic from Pinterest.

If you fit this bill and personal finance interests you, I highly recommend you focus your social media efforts on Pinterest and start a blog today.

5. Matthew Woodward who is on track to make ~$252,000 in 2017

Matthew Woodward is an internet marketer, blogger, and motivational speaker who made over $21,000 of passive income from affiliates in March 2017.

I appreciate Matthew’s income reports because he also shows the numbers for unique visitors to his website, as well as his lifetime total earnings – helpful data for aspiring professional bloggers.

One thing that is quite apparent from Matthew’s income report page is that persistence is critical to blog success.

He’s been recording his income reports since 2012 and has been blogging for longer than that!

So stay the course when you blog and don’t be discouraged by a lack of traffic or profit.

If you continually assess what’s working and what’s not, then do more of what’s working, you will stack the odds of business success in your favor.

6.Trevor and Jennifer with Show me the Yummy who are on track to make ~$360,000 in 2017

Show me the Yummy is a food blog run by Trevor and Jennifer, a married couple living in Wisconsin.

They made over $46,000 in December 2016 alone!

Though this amount seems unsustainably high compared to their previous income reports, they’re well on their way to making over $360,000 in 2017.

I really appreciate the transparency of their income reports and how they show you their website’s pageviews, their social media profiles’ follower growth, and more.

Data like this can give you a clear target for what sort of numbers to shoot for in your own entrepreneurial endeavors on the web.

It’s also refreshing to see a seriously successful food blog in a list dominated by personal finance blogs.

I’m sure there are many successful food bloggers, but because it’s more typical of personal finance bloggers to publish their income than food bloggers, personal finance bloggers dominate income report lists and can make you feel like it’s the only niche where success is possible.

This is NOT the case.

There are plenty of successful bloggers in every niche, from language learning, to bodybuilding, to skin care.

And if food is your passion and you’re considering starting a food blog, let Show Me the Yummy be your inspiration as you pursue this opportunity!

7.Abby Lawson with Just a Girl and Her Blog who is on track to make ~$420,000 in 2017

Abby Lawson, along with her husband and sister, run Just a Girl and Her Blog where they made over $35,000 in December of 2016.

But as you can tell from the humble blog title, Abby probably didn’t think her would blog would ever turn into a serious money-maker.

Nevertheless, this home-decor, motherhood, and lifestyle blog has blossomed into a serious business.

Abby provides insightful data in her income reports like blog traffic and email subscriber statistics.

Just a Girl and Her Blog is also a great example of how lifestyle business success can transform families for the better, since it employs her husband and her sister.

It’s a beautiful thing when your lifestyle business success not only transforms your life but the lives of your loved ones as well.

8. Johnny FD who is on track to make ~$468,000 in 2017

Johnny runs a blog about making money online as a digital nomad and lifestyle entrepreneur.

He made over $39,000 in March of 2017, which puts him on track to earn $468,000 in 2017!

I like Johnny’s blog because he displays how it’s possible to earn passive income as you travel the world.

Johnny also has a diverse set of revenue streams which he displays in his income reports.

From stock dividends, to ad revenue from YouTube videos, to dropshipping revenue, Johnny is a great example of how the wealthy diversify their income as much as possible.

His Tim Ferriss-esque lifestyle is great inspiration for anyone who wants to travel the world as a digital nomad.

9.Michelle Schroeder-Gardner with Making Sense of Cents who is on track to make ~$1.4 million in 2017

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner has a stunningly successful blog at Making Sense of Cents, and she has accomplished this in a relatively short amount of time.

In March 2017 alone, she made ~$119,000!

She drives the vast majority of her traffic from Pinterest, and makes most of her money through affiliate income and selling her own information products.

The funny thing is, she makes much more than most people I know in the hedge fund industry.

She also has unparalleled freedom compared to everyone I know in high finance.

I often wonder what portfolio managers I know would do if they knew a personal finance blogger was more than tripling their income (ha!).

Pat Flynn with Smart Passive Income who is on track to make ~$3.1 million in 2017

Pat Flynn runs, the go-to resource for passive income on the web.

He became a pro-blogger before it was cool.

And as far as I know, he was the first person to popularize online income reports.

In March of 2017 he made approximately $259,000 from book sales, affiliate products, and his own products, which puts him on track to make over $3.1 million this year.

There’s not much left to say about Pat Flynn.

He’s the passive income king and his monthly earnings speak for themselves.


This blog post is for the people who don’t know that blogging can earn “real money.”

But more importantly, I hope it also serves as an encouragement to aspiring bloggers.

It’s absolutely possible to earn an unlimited amount of money and provide abundantly for yourself and loved ones with a blog

All you need to do is get started today with Bluehost web hosting.*

Who are some other pro-bloggers making great money on the web?

I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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