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I created The Profit Anywhere Blog to:

  • Document my journey of building a financially successful blog from scratch and
  • Teach you how to build a profitable blog too.

You can learn more about me and the reasons why I created this blog on my about page.

But on this page, you will find all my articles and resources as well as the order in which you might read them.

If you’re totally new to blogging and don’t know where to start, just follow the order I’ve laid out below.

If you’re already on your blogging journey and you need help understanding specific topics, feel free to skip around.

I’m constantly adding articles and updating the ones I’ve already written.

But if you have something you want me to write about that’s not listed below, contact me and let me know!

My goal is for this page and the following posts to be your one-stop resource in learning how to create a profitable blog from scratch.

Reasons to Start a Blog

Articles in this section are for those who need extra motivation to get started blogging.

You don’t need to read them in any particularly order – only on an as needed basis.

10 Reasons NOT To Rely (Solely) on Your Corporate Job for Income
10 Sneaky Lies Keeping You From Starting a Successful Blog
5 Reasons To Make Passive Income Your Life Pursuit
6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ask for Permission (or Forgiveness)
7 Corporate Lies You Should Watch Out For
5 Reasons to Always be Planning Your Corporate Exit or Next Move
5 Things I’d Do (and One Thing I Wouldn’t) if I Lost my Job Today
6 Fantastic Reasons to Start a Blog Even if You Think Yours Won’t Be Unique

What to do Before Starting Your blog

Step 1: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your Blog’s Niche (& Why Your Blog Needs a Niche)
Step 2: Decide on the sort of blog you’d like to create (blog post coming soon)
Step 3: Take the content creation challenge (blog post coming soon)

How to Create Excellent Content for Your Blog

If you accepted the content creation challenge in the last step, you’ll need to know how to create that great content.

Read through each of these articles to make sure your on the right path to creating excellent content that will do well on the web.
10 Ways to Come Up with Fantastic Blog Content
One is Greater than Zero: 6 Reasons to Create High Quality Web Content
10 Rules For Creating Fantastic Blog Content
10 Brilliant Methods for Creating the Ultimate Blog Post Headline that Results in TONS of Social Shares (coming soon)
My Exact Process for Creating Great Blog Posts (coming soon)

How to Set Up Your Blog

Now hopefully you’ve created a volume of excellent web content just waiting to be published on a blog.

Check out the articles below to learn exactly how to set up your WordPress blog and publish your work!

Step 1: The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a WordPress Blog from Scratch
Step 2: The Simple Guide to Choosing the Handful of WordPress Plugins You Actually Need (blog post coming soon)

Blog Marketing

So you’ve created a volume of content, you’ve set up your blog, and now you’re wondering what’s next!

The next step is to determine how you will get traffic to your blog. Check out the post below for help with this:

How to Determine the Best Traffic Source for Your Blog Given Your Content, Strengths, Niche, and More!

After reading this post, you should have a better idea of what traffic sources to target.

These posts will help you get started driving traffic to your blog whether that’s through SEO or social media.

SEO and Alternative Traffic Driving Methods

5 Reasons to Self-Publish on Amazon (even if you give away your ebook for free)
How to (Actually) Get Search Engine Traffic to Your Blog

Driving Traffic with Social Media

From Zero to Hero: 5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Web Influencer from Scratch
The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Success on Pinterest in 2018 and Beyond
The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Growing a Highly Engaged Twitter Following from Scratch
The Best Tools and Tactics for Growth Hacking on Instagram

Managing Expectations as a Blogger

How Long it ACTUALLY Takes to Become a Financially Successful Blogger: A Data-Driven Answer

Important Business Concepts for Understanding How to Create a Profitable Blog

If you want to build a profitable blog, you need to understand some aspects of business.

Check out these posts to get up-to-speed on the business concepts you need to understand to make your blog profitable!

The 4 Types of Entrepreneurs and Which Type You Should Be
6 Entrepreneurs’ Example of Success and How to Achieve It
5 Critical Skills for the 21st Century Entrepreneur
21 Things I’ve Learned about Business, Money, Entrepreneurship, and Life
10 Controversial Quotes that Just Might Change Your Perspective on Business, Entrepreneurship, and Investing
The One Thing You MUST Understand To Become a Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur
How To Start an Online Business: The Content Creator’s Guide to Success

Ways to Save and Make Money on the Side to Fund Investment in Your Blog

Starting a blog is incredibly inexpensive. (you can start for just $3.95 a month!)

But turning that blog into a profitable business will likely require some cash.

Read these posts to learn how to make some money on the side that you can invest in making your blog an excellent resource.

100+ Stellar Online Business Ideas to Help You Start Earning Cash Today
How to (Actually) Generate Cash Flow in the Financial Markets
5 Superb Sources of Passive Income to Help You Live the Good Life
How to Turn Your Skills into Profit (Even if You Think You Don’t Have Any)
5 Jedi Mind Tricks to Make Saving Money Easier than Ever
3 Little-Known Passive Investing Opportunities to Build Wealth
How to (Actually) Achieve Financial Independence
Pay Off Student Loans Early: 10 Money Saving Tactics I Use to Crush Student Debt
5 Excellent Ways to Monetize Your Identity
9 Interesting Trends Experts Say Will Dominate the Next 50 Years (and How You Can Profit from Them)

How to Monetize Your Blog

I put this section last on the page because I want to emphasize that monetization comes only when you’ve created a loyal following.

Once you have that loyal following, then you can focus on how to monetize that following.

Check out the articles below to learn how to do this.

10 Reasons You Should Monetize Your Blog Today
The Secret to Making Your Web Business Profitable
3 Critical Steps to Making Money on the Web
5 Ways to Turn Your Followers into Customers Who Say, “Shut Up and Take My Money”

This Blog’s Income Reports

You can track my own progress of turning this blog into a profitable business below!

Not only do I track what my blog makes, I also track what I’m making from side-hustles.

November and December 2017 Income Report

October 2017 Income Report

September 2017 Income Report

August 2017 Income Report

July 2017 Income Report

June 2017 Income Report

May 2017 Income Report

April 2017 Income Report

March 2017 Income Report

February 2017 Income Report

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