August 2017 Income Report


Jasmine’s and my net worth increased by about $961 this month.

Like last month, this net worth increase was simply due to saving more than we spend.

No money-making scheme contributed much to this increase besides our day jobs.

But I did discover a cool money-making opportunity from one of my favorite bloggers, James Altucher.

New Income Opportunity – Selling Put Options with James Altucher

Who is James Altucher?

If you frequent Quora, Medium, Facebook, or any other major content aggregator, you’ve probably seen his work.

James is a prolific author for countless web news outlets as well as a self-published author of 17 books and counting.

He graduated from Cornell with a degree in computer science.

He has started 20 businesses 17 of which failed and two he sold for $10+ million.

And He’s been a trader for several hedge funds and started his own fund of funds.

Wherever James writes, he champions the concept of “reinventing yourself,” or “choosing yourself.”

While these might sound like the vague feel-good phrases of self-help gurus, James is different.

This is how he succinctly describes thriving in the uncertainty of the 21st century.

He shares how to do this from his wealth of experience as a successful entrepreneur, investor, and author.

Ever since I first heard of Altucher on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, he has intrigued me.

I started reading his blog.

Then I bought his book The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth.*

And now I’ve purchased an expensive financial product from him.

I wrote an entire blog post about this subject, so I won’t go into much detail about it here.

But I’m very excited about this income opportunity and will be sharing all the juicy profit and loss details here on the blog.

From Wear Primal to Fitness and Health Hacks

This month I decided to convert my Wear Primal Instagram account into Fitness and Health Hacks.

Why the pivot?

First, I wanted to be able to produce content independently of my wife.

Though she was happy to help at first, she wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of monthly photo shoots.

Likewise, I wanted to be able to produce content in a less time consuming way.

Preparing 90 photos for the first month of Wear Primal was exhausting and time consuming.

I spent at least 50 hours on it over about a 2 week period in addition to my 40+ hour a week day job.

Lastly, as soon as I started posting the inspirational quote content for Fitness and Health Hacks, my engagement and following increased.

As Matt says, follow the engagement.

The Wear Primal content wasn’t very popular.

But the Fitness and Health Hacks content is.

I’ve still been in talks with the one blogger I mentioned in my previous income update who loves the Wear Primal t-shirts.

She said she’d like to sell the shirts on her website.

But she hasn’t been responsive lately and I’m not sure if she will go ahead with it.

Regardless, it’s free to maintain

So if I ever do want to continue my work there, I can pick up where I left off.

The Future of Fitness and Health Hacks

I plan on building the social presence of Fitness and Health Hacks (F&H for short) until I have a large audience to whom I can promote content.

How large of an audience?

After talking with Matt about it, I probably won’t create and/or promote content to my instagram audience until I have tens of thousands of followers.

Even so, I want to cultivate a health and fitness oriented audience.

Health and fitness are two of my passions and at some point, I’d like to create content for that audience.


There’s not much to report this month.

But, I’m excited for what’s to come in the following months – particularly about Altucher’s instant income.

Be sure to check back and see how I do selling put options in the coming months!