100+ Stellar Online Business Ideas to Help You Start Earning Cash Today



This post is all about online business ideas.


Online business is your ticket to financial freedom.

It’s what The Profit Anywhere Blog is all about.

Generating your income from the internet means being able to work from anywhere you want and usually at any time you want.

Whether it’s a profitable side gig or a lucrative full time job, online business allows you to be your own boss.

For me, that’s the dream.

Before I dive in, you should know this post is very long and so you may want to consult the table of contents above if you have a particular idea you want to explore.

Also, this post is so long that I turned it into a 125 page long e-book.

You can download this e-book that includes 25 additional online business ideas below.

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Blogging as an Online Business Idea

online business ideas - starting a blog

Starting a blog is hands down one of the best online business ideas.

The income potential is versatile and massive.

This is why I recommend Bluehost web hosting.*

If you’re going to start a professional blog, you need web hosting.

Bluehost is inexpensive, easy to use, and allows you to install a WordPress blog with the click of a button.

Plus, if you use my link,* you can get Bluehost for 50% off the standard price at just $3.95 a month!

So get started today with Bluehost web hosting.*

Entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, and Michelle Schroeder are all generating at least $1 million a year from their blogs, and they recommend Bluehost.

There are hundreds more who are generating at least six figures a year from their blogs.

Success with this strategy isn’t limited to the online marketing niche or make money online niche.

There are countless bloggers in various niches making a living on the web.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Benny the Irish Polyglot with his language learning blog
  2. Tracy Raftl with her adult acne blog
  3. Bob with his garden power tools blog

You can have financial success blogging in any niche.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Build a Blog and Promote Affiliate Products.

online business idea - affiliate marketing

How much money can you make?

Unlimited (some bloggers make six figures a year a year from affiliate marketing alone).

How it works.

Monetize the traffic you drive to your blog by promoting other companies’ products using affiliate links.

Everytime one of your readers goes to a website through your affiliate link and makes a purchase, the site gives you a percentage of the sale price (anywhere from 4% to 75%).

My opinion

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make money from your blog.

All you need to do is post a link and write copy that will convince visitors to click on that link.

Congratulations, you just set up a passive income stream.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Check out Pat Flynn’s monthly income reports.

2. Build a Blog and Sell Your Own Products.

how to make money online selling your own product

How it works.

Turn your traffic into revenue by selling your own informational or physical product.

Your readers are coming to your site because they like the topics you’re writing about, which makes it the perfect opportunity to sell them something you’ve created.

My opinion

Two thumbs up. This strategy gives you complete control over how much you make.

You set the margins and reap all the profit.

Plus, you get to attach your name to a product you’ve spent time to develop and execute.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Mike Geary, creator of the informational production, The Truth About Six Pack Abs, rakes in a whopping $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 a year. Check out this insightful interview for more information about his incredibly successful business.

3. Build a Blog and Sell Ad Space.

online business idea selling ads

How it works.

Sign up for ad networks like Google Adsense and place banner and sidebar ads on your site.

Most ads are CPC, which means you get paid every time someone clicks on the ad. When you’re first starting out, making $0.25 per click is not bad.

Generally, click-through rates are about 1%.

My opinion

If you get a massive amount of traffic, this can be a nice passive income stream.

But for the most part, the revenue you’re looking at is just not worth displaying an ugly ad on your site.

Unless you’re a big media company, ads make your site look amateur, and you can make much more using the methods above.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Yaro Starak of made up to $5000 a month selling ads on his blog.

4. Use Your Blog to Build an Email List and Sell Sponsored Emails to Businesses.

web biz ideas - email list

How it works.

Building an email list is the ultimate way to monetize your blog.

Email is one of the highest converting sales funnel on the internet, which means you’ll see the most success selling your own product by emailing your followers.

The great news is that other businesses also realize this and will pay a good deal of money to advertise to your list.

Inc. Magazine estimates an email newsletter with ~100,000 subscribers can pull somewhere between $60,000-$80,000 per month assuming you sell just 35% of your ad inventory!

My opinion

If you’re building a blog, there’s no question you should be using it to build an email list.

They are an excellent tool in your arsenal for making money.

Sometimes, email list plugins can be expensive and and require monthly subscription payments.

But if you buy the X WordPress Theme* (the theme I use to run my site), you get the excellent email growth app, ConvertPlug, free for life!

Not using the X WordPresss Theme?

You can also get the excellent (and free) email growth plugin Rapidology.

Who’s doing it successfully?

In 2008, Dany Levy sold her 1 million subscriber email newsletter, DailyCandy, for a whopping $125 million to Comcast.

It was generating $25 million in revenue per year.

Online Business Ideas with Instagram

internet business concepts with Instagram

How much money can you make? Unlimited.

Instagram is one of the hottest and fastest growing social media platforms.

It’s also one of my favorites due to how well its traffic converts.

My good friend Matt Tsai wrote a guide on how he grew an Instagram account to 68,000 real followers in less than eight weeks.

Check it out to learn more about how you can build an Instagram audience as quickly as possible.

5. Use Instagram to Sell Your Own Product.


How it works.

In a nutshell, use Instagram to build a large following in a particular niche (nature, travel, pets, etc.), then leverage that following to launch your own product.

Apparel brands, informational products and consulting services work especially well.

But as long as it’s relevant to your niche’s interests, you’ll have an easy time with marketing.

My opinion

One of the biggest challenges for new businesses is reaching potential customers.

Building an Instagram account is an excellent way to solve this problem.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Portland Gear is an apparel brand that started through the account @portland.

In March 2016, they opened a brick-and-mortar store due to their Instagram success – not too shabby for an Instagram venture.

6. Build an Instagram Account and Sell Shout-outs.

building-wealth-on-instagram through shout outs

How it works.

Use Instagram to build a large following, then sell ad space and sponsored posts to companies that want to reach your followers.

You can list your accounts on sites like and to make it easier for interested companies to find you.

Build a big enough following, and you can charge several hundred dollars for a 24-hmy post.

If you’re a celebrity, you can charge as much as six figures a year per post.

My opinion

If your account is big enough (i.e. over 100,000 followers), companies will probably approach you via ad networks.

If you don’t want to take the time to build an account to that level of followers, you can always purchase one.

Regardless, having an account with this number of followers will cause companies to come to you to market their products or services allowing you field advertising requests while the money trickles in.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner charge six figures a year per post.

But for us regular folk, @puppystagrams is an achievable success story, bringing in roughly $500 in shout-out revenue daily.

7. Build an Instagram Account and Promote Affiliate Products.

 How it works.

Build an Instagram account in a niche (fashion, funny videos, luxury, etc.) and promote relevant products by directing your audience to an affiliate link in your bio.

You make a commission every time someone buys a product from your link.

My opinion

Affiliate products are great because you don’t need to go through the hassle of creating your own product.

Just build your following on Instagram, then direct your audience to your link.

No need to worry about handling inventory, doing accounting, or any of the more tedious parts of business.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Here’s an interesting case study from Frank Hatchett where he mentions someone who’s made six figures a year using this strategy.

Video as an Online Business Idea


How much money can you make?


On YouTube, more views generate more revenue, and the fact that a video can be watched repeatedly once it’s published makes it a great opportunity for a web entrepreneur.

I recommend using the tool TubeBuddy* to help manage your channel and optimize your Youtube SEO.

Even the free version of this app is incredible and can multiply your efforts when attempting to make money on YouTube.

8. Start an Original YouTube Channel.

 How it works.

Create a cooking channel.

Make a weekly comedy sketch.

Film daily vlogs.

Produce content regularly that aligns with your passions.

Build a following, then monetize by selling a product, enabling ads that play before your videos or partnering with brands.

YouTube’s greatest advantage is that once you create a piece of content, it has the potential to be watched and re-watched repeatedly.

Since the amount of money you make depends in part on your video’s view count, YouTube has major passive income potential.

My opinion

Like running a blog, YouTube allows you to produce content you’re passionate about.

That and the passive income potential is substantial.

Who’s doing it successfully?

PewDiePie, one of YouTube’s biggest stars, has a net worth of $78 million.

Elsewhere, plenty of people are making six figures a year a year off their channel.

9. Start a YouTube Music Channel.

Online business ideas - Youtube Music Channel

How much money can you make?

Six figures a year.

How it works.

Instead of creating original content, you can also build a channel around other people’s content like music (think well-known channels like Proximity and Majestic Casual).

You can also create a channel around just about any theme – dog videos, cat videos, cool video game videos, etc.

You monetize the channel in two ways.

  1. Ads
  2. Song Promotions.

You can’t monetize songs by artists already signed to labels, but if you get big enough, artists or labels may approach you to do a revenue share.

They may also contact you to promote songs on your channel, which, of course, can also make you money.

My opinion

If you’re passionate about music like I am, this is an excellent side project to pursue.

Plus, it has the earning potential to turn into a full-time gig eventually.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Nick, Majestic Casual’s founder, generates anywhere between $75,000 – $1,200,000 in yearly revenue, according to Rolling Stone (and that was an estimate from 2015 – his channel has grown significantly since then).

10. Start a YouNow Channel.

 how to make money with You Now

How much money can you make?

Five to six figures a year per month.

How it works.

YouNow is the new video streaming platform where all the younger folks and YouTube stars are going.

YouNow and YouTube are not mutually exclusive.

YouTube is the platform for more polished videos whereas YouNow is designed for live streaming and connecting with your fans.

You make money on YouNow when your audience buys virtual goods during your stream (i.e. highlighted chats, boosts to help your channel trend, or just straight up donations).

My opinion

YouNow sounds like it has a lot of potential to become the next big thing, so it can’t hurt to jump on the trend early and begin building an audience.

Plus, it’s like Twitch for YouTube stars.

Who’s doing it successfully?

In 2015, big YouNow channels were making around $10,000 a month.

11. Create a Video Course on Udemy.


How much money can you make?


There are Udemy millionaires out there.

How it works.

Udemy is an excellent hub for video lessons and courses.

From coding to cooking, you can find video courses about anything on Udemy.

When you create a course, you can price it however you like.

Udemy’s pricing is constantly in flux, but they usually collect a higher percentage of your course’s revenue for the customers who find it organically on the Udemy platform and a smaller percentage of sales for those who sign up for your course due to your own marketing efforts.

My opinion

Udemy is a great marketplace for your informational product.


Because it’s a trusted brand like Kickstarter, making it easier to make sales.

Plus, selling digital products scales perfectly and requires no inventory management.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Rob Percival, who makes Udemy courses on web development, has earned more than $2.8 million from his courses.

Online Business Ideas using Facebook

Monetizing Facebook

How much money can you make? 


How it works. 

Facebook is another incredible social media platform for monetization.

In fact:

I’ve made some money with Facebook using the strategies outlined below.

There are two primary ways to make money:

12. Advertise on a Facebook Group or Build Your Own.

13. Advertise on a Facebook Page or Build Your Own.

Groups are forums organized around a topic.

Pages are like Facebook profiles for businesses, causes, and anything that isn’t (just) a person or has a business presence.

Given the distinction, promoting your product/service/blog in a group is an excellent way to generate buzz when you’re brand new and don’t have a following yet.

I have promoted both blog posts and products in groups with success.

How do you do it?

Let’s say you have a ketogenic diet blog post you want to promote.

Go to Facebook, search “ketogenic diet,” check the groups search filter, and start requesting to join the groups en masse.

Successful promotion is a numbers game: the more you promote, → the more likely you will experience success.

So join as many groups as you can, prioritizing your requests by group size.

Then post about your product or site to generate traffic.


Most group admins will immediately remove you from the group if you attempt to post an affiliate link or a link to a product.

Instead, post a link to a blog post that contains your affiliate link or product.

It’s a softer sell and group members and admins will be more open to it.

But the real money comes from creating your own page or group.

When you have your own captive following, your followers have given you permission to market to them.

You could sell affiliate products, shout-outs, your own products – the whole nine yards.

That said, it can be difficult to build a meaningfully sized Facebook group.

How do you do it?

Neil Patel used some creative tactics in his $100,000 per month challenge.

My opinion

Facebook is the largest and arguably the most influential social media platform right now.

I’m interested in any strategy that involves building an active and engaged Facebook audience.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Neil Patel and countless businesses, from small ventures to large corporations.

Online Business Ideas Using Snapchat

online business ideas using snapchat

Snapchat is extremely popular right now.

It has a young demographic loaded with growth potential.

Here’s how you can make money with it.

14. Start a Snapchat Channel and Get Sponsored by Brands.

 How much money can you make?


How it works.

Create an original Snapchat account and market it (post in Facebook groups, cross-promote with YouTube channels, spread the word on Instagram, etc.).

Once you’ve acquired a large following (10,000+), work with social media agencies to land brand sponsorships or approach brands by yourself.

My opinion

As of now, Snapchat’s demographic is almost entirely made up of a young audience. This gives you unique business opportunities if you can leverage it to build an engaged following.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Chris Carmichael, who gets 140,000 views per snap, makes up to $100,000 per week with brand sponsorships.

15. Start a Snapchat Channel and Sell Affiliate Products.

 How much money can you make?


How it works

If you have a decent following on Snapchat, find affiliate products relevant to your niche to promote.

Create a clever way to promote it, then include a Snap in your Story that tells your audience to screenshot the next snap.

In the next Snap, add a link to an affiliate offer.

Make sales, repeat.

My opinion

This takes advantage of affiliate marketing in a clever way.

If you’re trying to promote apparel, entertainment, or other lifestyle products targeting teens and young adults, Snapchat is a great way to do it.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Snapchat is still new, and not many are sharing how much they’re making with this strategy yet.

But read the next point to see why I’m confident this method works.

16. Start a Snapchat Channel and Sell Your Own Products

How much money can you make?


How it works.

Snapchat offers an unlimited number of possibilities for promoting your own product.

Unlike other social media platforms, your audience will stick around for multiple posts through Stories, which gives you the opportunity to create a compelling story around your product.

Or, if your brand is well established, just sell to them directly with a single post.

Want to direct your audience to a website?

Shorten the link with a, include it in a snap and instruct your followers to screenshot that snap.

My opinion 

Snapchat is a fascinating platform.

If you already use it and understand it, pursuing monetization opportunities on the platform is a no-brainer.

If you aren’t familiar with Snapchat, I’d pursue something else.

Who’s doing it successfully?

In early 2016, underwear brand MeUndies posted a link to buy on their Snapchat which had a mind-blowing 16% “click-through” rate.

I put “click-through” in quotes because what customers had to do was screenshot the URL, then manually type it into their computer browser or phone, a tedious task that makes that 16% doubly impressive.

Online Business Ideas with Twitter

Monetizing Twitter

How much can you make?


How it works.

Twitter is the most text-oriented social media platform, making it an excellent way to direct your audience’s attention to links.

One of the most notable functions it has is the “retweet” button, which makes it incredibly easy to repost someone else’s tweet, and thus, make content go viral.

With 310 million active monthly users, it’s just as good a bet as Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat that if you build a large following, the money will come.

You can monetize Twitter the same way you monetize any other social account:

17. Sell your own products.

18. Sell someone else’s products (through affiliate marketing).

19. Sell shout-outs ( and sponsored Tweets (

So how do you build a following?

Engage in conversations, retweet relevant tweets, and “favorite” other tweets to get users to notice you.

Check out this link for more.

My opinion

Here are some interesting statistics from Omnicore about Twitter’s demographics:

  • 24% of All male internet users use Twitter, whereas 21% of all female internet users use Twitter.
  • 79% of Twitter accounts are based outside the United States
  • There are over 67 million Twitter users in the US.
  • The total number of Twitter users in the UK is 13 million.
  • 37% of Twitter users are between ages of 18 and 29, 25% users are 30-49 years old.
  • 54% of Twitter users earn more than $50,000 a year.
  • The top three countries by user count outside the U.S. are Brazil (27.7 million users), Japan (25.9 million), and Mexico (23.5 million).

As you can tell, the demographic on Twitter is skewed towards younger, wealthy males.

If this is your target demographic for your business, this makes Twitter the ideal place to build an audience.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Branden Hampton makes six figures a year a quarter selling shout-outs on Twitter.

Online Business Ideas using Pinterest

Web Entrepreneurship with Pinterest

How much money can you make? 


How it works.

Pinterest is an amazing social media platform.

Here are some more eye-popping stats:

  • 90% of the internet’s most popular headlines get shared on Pinterest. (source)
  • The average order value of sales coming from Pinterest is $50 – higher than any other social platform.
  • Pinterest is the #2 overall source of all social media traffic to Shopify stores.
  • 2 million people pin product pins per day. That’s 20x more than there are daily shoppers at the Mall of America.
  • 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan purchases.
  • Orders from Pinterest on mobile devices has increased by 140% in the last two years, and orders from non-US countries increased 130% from 2013 to 2014. (source)

So how do you monetize this incredible social media site?

The same way you would with any other social media platform.

20. You can sell shout-outs.

Like most social media platforms, if you manage to build a large following, brands will be interested in paying you to promote their products in your pins.

21. You can promote affiliate products.

Pinterest is a highly visual platform – the image takes up 80% of the space on your pin.

Take advantage of this and pepper your themed boards with Amazon Affiliate links.

22. You can sell your own products.

Not only is Pinterest highly visual, but it’s also packed with viral potential.

In fact, 90% of viral shares originate on Pinterest!

Nab this opportunity to promote your own products.

It doesn’t have to be a consumer producttt – you can just as easily promote a blog post or YouTube video by creating a beautiful graphic.

My opinion

Monetizing Pinterest followers is a great way to make money on the web, especially due to its passive potential.

If one of your pins goes viral, you could be looking at a brief but significant increase in income, whether it’s affiliate products or your own.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Many bloggers (particularly mom bloggers) credit a significant portion of their audience growth to Pinterest. Check out this guide and this one on how to sell affiliate products and your own products on Pinterest.

Online Business Ideas with Non-Blog Websites

23. Create a Website and Use It to Build an Email List.


How much money can you make?

Unlimited, if selling your own product.

Five to six figures per month on average if selling sponsored emails.

How it works.

Blogs aren’t the only way to build an email list.

You can easily do this with any website that generates traffic.

Have an existing e-commerce store?

Photography gallery?

Want to build an auction site?

Whatever you do, collect emails!

My opinion

Maybe you’re not a writer.

That’s OK.

Blog posts are just one way to attract visitors on the web.

I discuss other ways to draw an audience on the web below.

Who’s doing it successfully?

In 2015, Airbnb reportedly had 50 million users.

That’s at least 50 million email addresses they’ve collected without doing much blogging.

24. Build a Web App and Use It to Collect Emails

making-cash-building-a-web app

How much money can you make? 


How it works.

Selling ads isn’t the only way to monetize a web app.

You can also collect emails.

Build a useful web app and let anyone use it for free in exchange for their email address.

Then monetize by selling sponsored emails, promoting affiliate products or promoting your own products to your email list.

Think you need to know how to code to create a web app?

Think again!

Bubble is a drag-and-drop platform that allows you to build web apps without any coding at all!

So don’t wait any longer to launch that web app you’ve been wanting to create.

My opinion

This is a fantastic model for web apps.

If you’re providing something useful, most users will be more than willing to give you their email address because it costs them nothing.

In turn, you get to collect a powerful piece of information.

Who’s doing it successfully?

25. Build a Web App and Sell Ads

How much money can you make? 


How it works.

 Have an idea to make downloading Facebook videos easier?

Did you come up with a better way to share and send files?

Think you can design a program that will make editing pictures hassle-free?

Build a web app and monetize it with ads.

I’ve noted elsewhere that selling ads isn’t always my preferred way to monetize an audience, especially if you’re trying to build a brand.

But they are an excellent way to monetize if your goal is to make money as soon as possible.

My opinion

I like it because this model has proven effective time and time again.

Build a high-quality product that provides value.

Attract a user base.

Monetize the attention from your user base.

Rinse and repeat.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

The creators of sites like this one:

26. Start an Amazon Affiliate Review Site.

How much money can you make?


How it works.

Select a niche and build an SEO-optimized website that reviews products in that niche.

For example, check out

Link every product on your site to Amazon via an Amazon Affiliates link.

If you pull off your SEO correctly, you’ll drive viewers to your site who are looking to purchase a product in that niche.

Every purchase made by clicking the links on your site will earn you a commission.

My opinion

The Amazon Affiliate program is brilliant because it allows you to make money from products they’re selling.

You never need to manage inventory (that’s Amazon’s problem), and if you can be proficient with SEO you can start numerous niche websites and follow the same process.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Brent Hale from makes six figures a year a year using Amazon Affiliate sites (see income reports).

27. Start an Amazon Affiliate Catalog.

 making cash on the web using Amazon catalogue

How much money can you make?

Unlimited, though six-figures is a common earnings cap.

How it works.

Instead of creating a review site, create an online catalog built around a central theme.

Link every product using an Amazon Affiliate link.

Make the site visually appealing and easy to browse, and drive traffic via SEO, niche forums, and Facebook groups.

A great example is

My opinion

This project involves much more creativity than building a review site, which can also make it a lot more fun.

Who’s doing it successfully? pulls in an estimated $20,000 per month.

28. Start an Etsy Affiliate Review or Catalog Site.


How much money can you make?


How it works.

Etsy gives you a different look from the Amazon and Ebay concepts because it allows you to tap into a much more handcraft-oriented catalog.

Create a website that either reviews Etsy products in a particular niche or compiles them in list format around a central theme.

Use the Etsy Affiliate program to link every product, allowing you to make a commission off every sale.

Drive traffic, and thus, sales, to your website using SEO and website promotion tactics.

My opinion

If you’re good at SEO, there’s every reason to build affiliate sites for Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy.

Each offers a different product catalog to choose from.

For Etsy, you’ll have to market to demographics that love homemade goods.

Who’s doing it successfully?

No one that I know of has spilled the beans on how much they’ve made using this tactic.

But I am confident that this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested and willing to work for it.

Based on success stories from the Amazon and Ebay programs and the fact that their affiliate programs are almost identical, success is certainly possible.

29. Start an Ebay Affiliate Review or Catalog Site.

online business ideas using ebay

How much money can you make?


How it works.

Create a website that either reviews Ebay products in a particular niche or compiles them in catalog format around a central theme.

Use the Ebay Affiliate program to link every product, allowing you to make a commission off every sale.

Drive traffic, and thus, sales, to your website using SEO and website promotion tactics.

My opinion

Ebay is like Amazon, but it offers an even more diverse product catalog, which means you can get even more creative with how you frame your website.

Also of note, the Ebay Affiliate program is different from the Amazon program in that it pays a higher percentage commission if you drive a sale from a new user.

Who’s doing it successfully?

The Ebay Affiliate site used to feature Chris Bowler, who pulled $7500 a month with his sites. That said, I know from‘s success that the potential is much greater than just four figures a year a month.

E-Book Online Business Ideas

30. Write an E-Book.


How much money can you make?


How it works.

Find a niche you’re passionate about in any genre and write a high-quality book.

Make sure there’s sufficient demand for books in your niche.

Once you’ve written your book, create a high-quality book cover and upload it to Amazon Kindle.

Market the book to make sales and establish yourself as a trusted author in the niche.

My opinion

Make enough sales and Kindle will feature your e-book, leading to a good amount of passive income.

If you publish multiple books and establish yourself as a trustworthy author, however, you’ll be able to take the passive income to a new level.

All things considered, this is like starting a blog in that your focus is written word content creation, but the revenue will probably come a bit quicker.

Who’s doing it successfully?

How about Amanda Hocking, who did a jaw-dropping $2.5 million in e-book sales in 2012 writing paranormal fiction.

31. Hire a Ghostwriter to Write an E-book for You.


How much money can you make?

Six figures a year a year

How it works.

Is writing not your strong suit?

Hire a ghostwriter to write one for you.

Tim Ferriss has recommended on his blog as a platform to find ghost writers.

Once completed, follow the process described in the “Write an E-book” entry and upload to Kindle.

My opinion

Sites like are a much more reliable source of quality than Upwork or Freelancer, where you could be presented with a draft that’s a piece of junk.

That said, you’ll likely still have to do a fair amount of editing once you get your drafts to make sure the information is accurate and reflects your voice, no matter which site you use.

In my opinion, it makes more sense just to bite the bullet, write your own book, and (if you want to) hire an editor to go over it with you.

But the passive income potential of a good e-book is too good to pass up, so take advantage of if you’d rather not write.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

According to The Hustle, there’s a whole niche of people pulling six figures a year (note: this article casts a somewhat negative light on ghostwriting due to the shady promotional methods people are using, not ghostwriting itself).

32. Turn Your Old College Papers into E-books.


How much money can you make?


How it works.

Here’s an online business idea that will allow you to put out content right away: organize academic papers you wrote in high school and college into an e-book.

Chances are you were required to write at least one in-depth paper in college with an extensive number of sources cited.

Take advantage of the work you’ve already done and monetize it.

My opinion

If you’ve written about a well-known topic, it’s worth investing some time into marketing your content as an e-book.

There’s nothing better than monetizing content you’ve already written.

It’s like finding a $100 bill in your pocket.

Who’s doing it successfully?

I’ve done this and made ~$20 without doing a bit of marketing.

Miscellaneous Online Business Opportunities

33. Build and Sell Social Media Accounts.


How much money can you make?

Six figures a year.

How it works.

Build a Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. account to a significant number of followers (at least 10,000) and sell it to someone who wants to acquire your follower base.

They must be themed accounts (for example, accounts that revolve around nature, funny videos, pets, etc.) as you’re going to have a hard time selling personal accounts.

Accounts with over 100,000 followers can sell for anywhere between three to six figures a year, depending on how engaged the followers are.

My opinion

If you can figure out a strategy to grow multiple accounts quickly, this can be well worth your time.

Focus on building just one account with the goal of hitting 100,000+ followers, then monetize by selling affiliates products, your own products, or sponsorships.

Once you’ve dominated one social media profile, move on to the next platform.

Who’s doing it successfully?

The luxury theme account @luxquotes was reportedly sold for five figures a year.

34. Sell Custom T-shirt, Hats, Mugs, etc. using Teespring, Printful, Gearbubble, etc.

sell t shirst, mugs, etc.

How much money can you make?

Unlimited. The “Teespring millionaire” is a thing.

How it works

You create the T-shirt (or hat, mug, etc.) by uploading the design to the website (I recommend TeespringPrintful, and Gearbubble).

This creates a custom shop page for you, which you can then link to in Facebook ads, Pinterest pins, or your preferred marketing channel.

Pair the right design with the right target audience, and you could make a lot of money.

My opinion

This is a fantastic opportunity for creatives and anyone who likes online marketing.

There are zero upfront costs, you decide how much profit you want to make, and you never have to touch product or hold inventory.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Former radio host Glyn Williams made $2 million in 10 months using Teespring.

35. Sell a Product Via Amazon FBA

making money with amazon-fba

How much money can you make?

Six figures a year is a typical cap, although if you find an extremely profitable niche, you could do even better.

How it works.

Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) is Amazon’s drop shipping service, which means they do all the packing and shipping for you.

A 2015 study found that a whopping 44% of all searches with intent to buy began on Amazon, which makes it easy for people like us to use it to make sales.

This online business idea involves choosing a product to sell, and either buying it at a lower price to resell, or white labeling your own product.

You then ship the product to an Amazon warehouse, where they will fulfill the order once the sale is made.

While this method takes work to find the right niche (what business idea doesn’t?), it can be profitable with minimal maintenance involved once you’re up and running.

If you’re white-labeling a product, you may be able to have your manufacturer ship directly to the Amazon warehouse, so you never have to touch product or keep inventory.

My opinion

This is an excellent way to launch a side business that has potential to become something more lucrative.

Be aware that this space is highly competitive these days.

Once you’ve made your first chunk of sales, it can have the characteristics of passive income, as you’ll just have to place a new order with the manufacturer when inventory runs low.

Amazon takes care of the rest.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Here’s a great story from Lauren on how she made six figures a year selling just one product.

36. Sell a Product on Amazon and Self-Fulfill

 How much money can you make?


How it works.

Instead of using Amazon FBA, Amazon also allows you to do all the fulfillment.

The advantage?

Theoretically, better margins for you.

FBA charges a fee for every item that’s sold, as well as a warehouse storage fee.

Fulfilling by yourself allows you to control the whole fulfillment process.

My opinion

If you have an established brand, you may want to take advantage of this to manage your packaging process.

But for the most part, the FBA fees you save aren’t worth the time you now have to spend packing and shipping.

Also, customers are much more likely to buy an item that is FBA.

Add it all up, and it doesn’t make sense for most internet entrepreneurs to go this route.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Mama Strut, a medical device start-up, uses both FBA and self-fulfillment.

They’ve found that self-fulfillment generally allows their customers to receive their orders in better condition.

37. Sell Things You Don’t Need on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.


How much money can you make?

Varies according to how many household items you want to sell.

How it works.

Need extra cash?

Look around your house.

Chances are you have dozens of items you don’t need.

Sell them on Amazon or another trusted e-commerce platform.

My opinion 

I’m a minimalist, so for me, nothing beats getting rid of stuff I don’t need.

If you have something collecting dust, you might as well turn it into cash.

Who’s doing it successfully?

My friend Matt has made a couple of hundred bucks selling old textbooks, appliances (i.e., barely used microwaves) and other miscellaneous items on Amazon.

38. Import and Sell a Product from Overseas.


How much money can you make? 


How it works.

The model is straightforward.

  1. Find a manufacturer or wholesaler overseas that’s willing to sell you the product for cheaper than retail price.
  2. Build a website for the product and collect pre-orders.
  3. Have the product shipped from overseas to a fulfillment center (or fulfill yourself).
  4. Repeat.

Of course, you can also do this with any local product, but the advantage of a foreign product is there will usually be less competition.

If you read The Four Hour Work Week,* you may remember Tim Ferriss helps one of his friends build this type of business.

His friend had traveled to France and purchased a shirt, and when he returned to the States, he received a lot of compliments about that shirt.

In fact, so many people complimented the shirt that he realized there was demand for a product like this.

So he started ordering them in bulk from France and selling them through his website.

My opinion

I like the fact that this strategy has passive income potential (as long as you outsource order fulfillment).

But I don’t like selling commodity products.


As soon as you start making money, someone else will catch on, sell your product, and try to undercut you.

You can postpone this profit-losing game by positioning yourself as a high-end provider rather than a bargain seller, which may (temporarily) justify your higher price point.

But if the competition is selling the same product for a lower price, eventually your profits will disappear.

I prefer the business model of selling informational products because they are much harder for your competition to knock off.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Tim Ferriss’ friend in The Four Hour Work Week.*

39. Sell a Product or Service Through Someone Else’s Email List.

sell a product on someone else's email list

How much can you make? 


How it works.

Do you want to validate your online business idea without having a website?

If so, I like your dedication to validation.

And the good news is, thanks to the internet, you can validate your it in the next 24 hours.


You can buy ad space or a featured blurb in an email newsletter.

What email newsletter should you choose?

Make you decision based on your product niche.

For example, if you have a fitness product, you will make the most sales by buying space from a newsletter like Men’s Fitness.

The caveat is that this can be expensive. Some newsletters will charge up to $275 per 1000 emails sent.

My opinion 

I like it because it works. In one of my favorite newsletters, The Hustle, I read their product recommendations because they have earned my trust and I genuinely believe what they recommend can benefit me.

The downside is you must already have capital – and a lot of it – to make this work.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Freelance agency Toptal regularly buys ad space in The Hustle, reaching well over 100,000 young professionals with a single email.

40. Sell a Product or Service Via Social Media Shout-Outs.

sell social media shout outs

How much can you make? 


How it works.

Have a product but haven’t built an audience?

Thanks to the world of social media, you don’t necessarily need to start with an audience.

Just like buying space in someone else’s email list, you can also buy shout-outs on other social media accounts to reach your target market.

While email lists are the kings of conversion, social media shout-outs are generally much cheaper – you can usually buy dozens of shout-outs for the price of an email blast.

My opinion

It’s a fantastic validation tool.

But just like with email lists, you need to have capital at your disposal for success.

If you do, it’s possible to build your audience entirely from shout-outs, which is cool.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Dog apparel brand I’d Rather Be With My Dog has built the majority of its audience from Instagram shout-outs.

41. Create an Informational Product and Sell It Via Affiliate Networks.

sell an information-product via affiliate network

How much money can you make? Unlimited.

How it works One great online business idea is to put your informational product on affiliate networks where you allow others to sell your product in exchange for a commission.

You can also team up with bloggers or social media accounts with large followings to do a write up about you in exchange for a cut of the sales.

The benefit is obvious:

Your product is marketed and sold for you without effort required on your end.

If you do this, consider trying Mike Geary’s (The Truth About Abs) method of giving a huge commission percentage (75%+) to the seller.

After he did this, so many people wanted to sell his product that he now does over $11,000,000 in revenue a year due in part to the sheer volume of sales his affiliates are generating.

My opinion

I love this idea.

It’s totally passive and the profit potential is incredibly high.

Also, I like selling information products because they are difficult for the competition to copy.

This is an all-around great online business idea and one that I plan to use.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Mike Geary with makes over $11,000,000 in revenue per year selling his information product, The Truth About Abs.

One of his primary revenue streams comes from affiliate networks.

42. Become a Virtual Tutor.


How much money can you make? 

Five figures a year

How it works.

Are you a teacher?

Do you have particular expertise in a subject?

If so, you can use your skills to teach others and make a living on the web.

I recommend the following sites to get started:

You can build a full-time job tutoring if you establish your reputation.

Most sites pay by the hour.

My opinion

I tutored all through high school so I could buy my first car, a ‘93 Ford Explorer…

Good times.

Though I had a lot of fun tutoring, it’s not my favorite way to make money online.


Because you’re exchanging money for time, which always turns out to be a raw deal.

This is why at The Profit Anywhere Blog I much prefer selling products over selling services.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

I have tutored successfully. And my sister-in-law has used Wyzant to tutor on the web.

43. Sell Your Notes from Class.


How much money can you make?


How it works.

Sites like and allow you to upload your notes, then sell them as downloads.

For example, say you took excellent notes for your Corporate Finance class this semester.

You can monetize your efforts by uploading to one of these sites and charging, say, $20 per download.

You choose the selling price, and the website will take a cut.

If a third of your 200-student class buys it, you’d be looking at a nice chunk of change.

My opinion

This business concept is great if you’re a student.

You already took the notes, might as well upload them and generate some passive income.

Who’s doing it successfully?

In 2015, Angel Card, a junior at Florida State University, made $700 in uploading notes for 3 classes.

44. Build Websites for Companies.


How much can you make? 

Six figures a year

How it works:

But I don’t know how to code!”

Don’t worry.

You don’t need to know how to code to make a website.

This is becoming more and more true as software solutions advance.

In fact, I think it’s better if you don’t do any custom-coding for a website.


Because all code requires constant upkeep and if it’s custom code then the only person that will update it is you.

A slick WordPress website with a few good landing pages and a blog is all that’s necessary for probably 90%+ of companies out there.

If they need something more than a tech savvy WordPress user can provide, only a career web-designer/developer can get their business anyway.

So start by building a really professional-looking website for yourself.

Again, I recommend using the X theme* for WordPress, Bluehost web hosting,* and 10x layouts to get you started (this is exactly what I use on this website).

Once you’ve created a website yourself, you can showcase it to businesses as proof of your skills, which might land you a few gigs right off the bat.

Since most companies already have websites, I recommend starting with small, local businesses that focus on their brick and mortar store (think mom and pop shops) – they’re less likely to already have a web presence.

You can also find gigs on freelance sites like Upwork and Freelancer.

My opinion 

I like it because you can make some serious cash creating websites for companies. Websites are indispensable even for businesses that do most of their work offline.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

My brother was a freelance web designer and developer for a while and successfully made a living from it.

At my old job, I made my boss a website for his non-profit, which (in part) convinced him to transition me from contract-worker to full-time employee.

45. Build A Creative Site That Curates Content.

build-websites-that-curate content

How much can you make? 


How it works.

This online business idea is great for people who already (and perhaps unknowingly) curate content.

Do you read articles about a particular subject all day long?

Are you always sending your friends messages about cool new products or information in a particular niche?

If so, take all that knowledge and use it to build a site that curates this content.

Once you’ve built an audience, there are all kinds of ways to monetize, including selling sponsored posts, ads and affiliate products.

My opinion 

I love it because this idea is a lot like creating a blog, except instead of creating your own content, you’re curating other people’s work.

This means there’s less originality involved, and it also makes running the site much easier.

Websites are almost free to make and validating brings immediate revenue through ads, affiliate links, or your own products. Also, this idea scales perfectly. So whether you have 50 visitors a month of 5 million per month, you’re doing about the same amount of work and there’s no cap on how much you can make.

Who’s doing it successfully?

46. Sell Art.

become an artist

How much can you make? 


How it works.

Did you know you can sell fine art online?

If you have the skills, there’s no reason you shouldn’t put your art on the web.

The internet is highly visual, which makes it a good venue to promote your art.

Plus, there are tons of websites like that allow you to sell your originals and prints.

You can also use e-commerce giants like Ebay and Etsy to maximize your reach.

My opinion 

I love the idea of selling prints.


Because it’s passive income at its finest.

You’ve already done the work, now you just have to make the sale.

Selling originals is cool too, but it’s not quite as good from a business perspective because it’s essentially selling your time.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Cory has made $50,000 selling art on the web.

47. Sell a Skill on Fiverr.


How much can you make? 


How it works.

Do you have a useful or unique skill?

Maybe you like to write custom songs.

Maybe you can do a killer voice-over.

Or maybe you’re a fantastic sales copy writer.

Put your skills on Fiverr, a marketplace that allows you to sell anything for $5.

My opinion

To make money on Fiverr, you have to directly exchange time for money.

As you know, I’m not crazy about that business model.

That said, if you can establish yourself, it can easily turn into a nice side gig, or even a full-fledged business.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

This guy made $920 in 10 days on Fiverr.

48. Make and Sell a Template.


How much can you make? 


How it works.

Do you have a business process that you do over and over again?

Could you make a template out of it?

Maybe you own a few bars and you’ve gone through the liquor licensing process for each one. There are probably some bar owners out there who would love to know exactly how to do it and would pay good money for it.

Or maybe you’ve emailed hundreds of businesses to sell them on your B2B software product and have gotten a very high response rate.

You can compile the templates for these processes and sell them as a standalone product.

My opinion 

This strategy is essentially selling an information product, which I’ve mentioned before as a strategy I really like.

If you have a useful template ready to go, monetizing it is a no brainer.

Once you’re ready to sell, list it on a relevant site. You can find 10 of them here.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

According to expert WordPress designer Brandon Jones, thousands of people are making anywhere from $500 to $300,000 a month selling templates.

49. Package several assets as a bundle and sell it.

make money selling bundled products

How much can you make? 


How it works.

Let’s say you have three complementary products that would make sense to sell together.

It could be a fitness e-book, a cookbook, and a piece of exercise equipment that the fitness system recommends.

Or it could be a sweater, hoodie and t-shirt.

Locate a supplier who can provide these items at wholesale or bulk prices and package them as a unit.

This is a proven strategy that allows you to differentiate yourself on Amazon, Ebay and as an e-commerce business in general.

My opinion 

I like this as an e-commerce strategy because of the advantages it provides, including product differentiation and the ability to offer discounts due to wider margins.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Check out this excellent guide from The Selling Family on bundling.

50. Sell SEO Services to Companies.


How much can you make? 


How it works.

Good at optimizing website rankings?

Use freelance sites like Upwork and Freelancer to find companies that need help.

Or, cold approach small businesses via phone or email and show them how you could help their site rank better.

I used to think that Search Engine Optimization was an extremely complex skill that couldn’t easily be learned.

Then I discovered that the basics of SEO aren’t that complex.

In fact:

Most SEO concepts are intuitive.

Also, because it’s a young field, you can read a few books about it, follow a few blogs, and get up to speed very quickly.

My opinion 

I like that you can make some serious cash doing this.

I don’t like that it’s a service position (and thus trading time for money).

That said, if you start doing well, you can scale by hiring employees.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and more.

51. Complete Tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.


How much money can you make? 

Five figures a year

How it works.

Mechanical Turk is essentially a side-hustle network run by Amazon.

If you sign up, you can complete HIT’s (human intelligence tasks), which includes everything from filling out surveys to audio/video transcriptions.

You make your own hours and work on your own time.

My opinion 

What differentiates Mechanical Turk from a survey website is the more work you put in, the more advanced tasks you unlock, increasing your earnings potential.

That said, you still won’t make a lot of money doing it.

If you’re looking for some side cash, this is one way to earn it.

But for the most part, you’re better off spending your time on something that will pay dividends down the road.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Mike Naab has made $21,000 on Mechanical Turk.

52. Become a Virtual Assistant.


How much money can you make?

Six figures a year.

How it works.

Becoming a VA is different from completing tasks on Mechanical Turk.

You may start out by providing some of the same functions (ie. organizational tasks, scheduling tasks, etc.), but you have the opportunity to expand this to include more advanced functions like social media management, content creation and web development.

As a VA, you are very much a freelancer and entrepreneur building your own business.

To get started, sign up on Upwork or Zirtual and start building your profile.

My opinion 

Becoming a VA gives you a lot of opportunities to learn how other online businesses work.

It’s a great launching pad to bigger ventures.

It’s also a great way to make connections and obtain some quality referrals (as long as you do good work).

But ultimately it’s a service providing role that doesn’t seem to allow anyone to really pursue their dream vocationally (is it anyone’s dream to be an assistant?).

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Check out these insightful interviews with three VA’s who have grown their business to six figures a year.

53. Provide customer support.


How much can you make? 

Five figures a year

How it works.

Freelance websites like Upwork have numerous part-time and full-time, remote, customer support positions available. It can be a good source of side income while you’re trying to start your own company or looking to create a more flexible work schedule.

My opinion 

To me, customer support is one of the worst service-providing jobs you can have.


It’s a job specifically geared toward servicing people who are frustrated with a product or service.

I know there are people who love providing customer support, but I’m not one those people.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

The happiness engineers who work for WordPress.

54. Build a Niche Job Site.

create a niche job-site

How much money can you make? Unlimited.

How it works. 

It’s a simple model.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Build a forum or online board that connects people with certain skills (ie. programming, Photoshop, etc.) with employers looking for people with these skills.
  2. Market your forum and attract users.
  3. Monetize by selling job postings to employers (or selling ads).

Here’s why it’s awesome:

Imagine you have a job board specifically dedicated to coders.

The more coding-specific jobs posted there, the more coders it’ll attract.

The more coders your job board attracts, the more companies want to list their coding jobs there.

In business, this phenomenon is known as the network effect.

If you can create a business that takes advantage of the network effect (think Facebook), you can build some serious wealth.

My opinion

In my opinion, this is a really cool online business idea and I’ve read about people doing it and having success.

My rallying cry for building a successful business is to build a community first, create a product or service for them second.

So you might consider creating a niche blog, building an active forum, and converting that forum into a job board for that niche.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

The creators of job sites like Flexjobs.

55. Help a Company Name Themselves.

help a company name themselves

How much can you make? 


How it works.

Websites like allow businesses to host contests for naming their company.

Once the business receives a certain number of name submissions, they choose their favorite and the website awards the winner the prize money, starting at $200.

My opinion 

I like the big payout for the small amount of effort.

But I imagine you would have to participate in hundreds before becoming a winner (it’s a numbers game).

Who’s doing it successfully? 

I haven’t personally tried this one and I don’t know of anyone who has.

But you can see the many successfully named businesses on their website.

56. Buy and Flip Domain Names.

domain name

How much money can you make?


How it works.

The strategy is to buy unregistered domains you think would appeal to a company or a brand at a lower price and sell it to them at a higher price.

For example, you could buy “” on GoDaddy and attempt to sell it to a car webzine or blog for hundreds of dollars.

Think of it as buying internet real estate.

This is a risky venture because you’re not 100% sure if there will be an interested buyer out there.

But if you do manage to sell it the profit margin can be great.

You can find buyers by approaching companies individually, or by listing it on domain sites like Brandroot.

Use to get a sense of the selling price.

My opinion 

I’m not crazy about this online business idea. The market for domain names seems hard to analyze and therefore risky. However, I know of people who have had success with it.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Lawyer Jeremy Peter Green bought for $8 in 2011, and sold it to Donald Trump’s marketing team for $15,000 in 2016: (that’s over an 18,000% return).

Perhaps more importantly, sites like and have built full time businesses connecting domain flippers with buyers.

57. Use Paribus to Scan Your Email and Get Cash Back on Items You’ve Purchased.


How much can you make? 


How it works.

Paribus is a web and mobile app that scans your emails for e-commerce purchases.

When it finds a receipt, it does a price check to see if the item you recently purchased has since dropped in price.

If it has, it gets you money back for the difference.

So technically, it doesn’t make you any money – it just gets you money back on expenditures.

My opinion 

Paribus definitely isn’t going to make you much money.

But it’s totally passive and anything that can make you a quick buck is interesting to me.

Who doesn’t want to effortlessly get money back on their purchases?

Who’s doing it successfully? 

When you log on to Paribus, you can see all the savings people are earning.

58. Eat on Camera.


How much money can you make?

$1500 a night or more (think YouTube star range).

How it works.

In Korea, “mukbang” is a popular genre of online video where users stream themselves eating.

It’s structured like a video review where someone shows off all the different food they’re about to eat.

Then they eat it on camera.

They monetize by accepting donations from the viewers.

If you attract a large enough following and you can also sell shout-outs and sponsorships to companies looking to advertise.


You can get started by streaming on, or by creating a YouTube channel.

My opinion

This online business idea is hilarious.

Is there anything that can’t be put on the web and monetized?

That said, success in this arena seems difficult to orchestrate.

There are other more promising opportunities I would pursue in this list.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Young mukbang prodigy BJ Patoo makes $1500 a night.

59. Join an eJury.


How much money can you make?

$5-10 per case.

How it works.

Ever wanted to get involved in the justice system, but didn’t have the resources to get a law degree?

You can still get involved by becoming a virtual juror.

Sign up on sites like eJuryJury Talk and Resolution Research to get started.

The work isn’t consistent, but if you get a case, you’ll be able to work from home.

My opinion

In my opinion, there are too many downsides here with minimal pay, inconsistent work, and no way to scale.

The job description speaks for yourself.

Unless you are really interested in law, I recommend you spend your time elsewhere.

Who’s doing it successfully? “Successful” is a relative term in this case, but the sites listed above are legitimate and they’ll pay you enough to buy lunch.

60. Play Online Poker.


How much can you make? 

Six to seven figures.

How it works.

Exactly the way it sounds – play the world’s most famous card game online with real money involved. It’s not quite as lucrative real world poker, but it allows you to play wherever there’s WiFi.

My opinion 

I don’t have any experience with online poker, but I think it’s a fascinating way to make money.

Note that it’s very risky, requires a lot of practice and knowledge, and it isn’t really passive.

Also, the way I see it, online poker players don’t add much value to society, which may or may not be something you care about.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Andrew Barber has had great professional success with poker as well as this guy who turned $1500 into $26,000 in a month and a half.

61. Shop with Ebates.


How much money can you make?

It varies.

More information below.

How it works.

Ebates gives you cash back based on a percentage when you shop at certain stores like Old Navy, Walmart and Overstock.

My opinion

Get paid to shop online?

If you already shop online there is no reason not to do this.

Don’t expect for it to move any needles financially, but saving a little here and there can add up overtime.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Online shoppers everywhere.

62. Take Online Surveys and Test Products.


How much money can you make?

five figures a year.

How it works.

Want something easy and reliable?

Offer companies your opinion by taking surveys or testing their products.

You can start making money with this online business idea immediately.

The amount you make depends on how much time you put in and what kind of survey offers are available.

It’s hard to find an easier online business idea than being paid to give your opinion.

To avoid scams, I recommend the sites below, and I recommend signing up for all of them.

The more sites you use, the more opportunities you’ll get.

  1. Pinecone Research
  2. PaidViewpoint
  3. Tellwut
  4. Darwin’s Data
  5. InnoPoll
  6. MySoapBox
  7. KnowledgePanel
  8. Epoll Surveys
  9. Cross Media Panel
  10. OneOpinion

This list is by no means comprehensive, but it’s a great place to start if you need to start making cash ASAP.

Chris Guthrie, the online survey expert, says you can make $10-$12 an hour on surveys if you really hustle at it.

Obviously, this isn’t great money.

But taking surveys is a good way ensure cash flow while figuring out more lucrative hourly opportunities.

Guthrie managed to make nearly $500 a month taking surveys admitting that he spent most of his time chronicling his survey adventures for his blog, not maximizing time taking them.

My opinion

This is one of my favorites on the list because you can literally get started today and you don’t need any particular skills to make money doing this.

Plus, at $5 per 20 minute survey, the hourly wage for surveys isn’t bad.

However, it’s very difficult to stay busy doing surveys which is why signing up for a volume of websites is critical to make any material amount of money.

On the other hand, this option has no growth potential and as such is short-term strategy.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

Like I mentioned, Chris Guthrie of Upfuel has made decent money doing internet surveys.

63. Surf the Internet Using Bing Rewards or Nielsen Digital Voice.


How much money can you make?

A free dinner.

How it works.

Use Bing Rewards or Nielsen Digital Voice to surf the internet. You’ll make money for every search you perform.

My opinion 

Like with filling out surveys, it’s fine if you’re looking for some quick cash, but overall, it’s a huge pain to use. You’re better off putting your time into starting a blog or attempting to grow and monetize social media profiles.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Many people make a little here and there but not enough to have any significant financial impact.

64. Evaluate Search Engine Results.


How much money can you make?


How it works.

Search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) are getting more and more advanced.

But they still rely on humans to improve their accuracy.

So you can actually get paid to rate search results and provide feedback by signing up through sites like Leapforce, Lionbridge and Appen.

My opinion

$12-15/hour isn’t bad, and yes you can work from home.

Like internet surveys, you can start making cash immediately with this online business idea.

But it doesn’t scale and there’s no real skill to be learned here.

As long as you’re not desparate for cash, I think you’re better off dedicating your time to other things, like starting a blog or building a social media account.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Steve Gillman of made about $700 in a month evaluating search results.

Online Business Ideas Playing Video Games

65. Play Video Games on Twitch.

play video games on twich

How much money can you make?

Six figures a year.

How it works.

The video game industry, or e-sports, is heating up.

Twitch, a service that allows you to live stream your screen when you play video games, was the 4th highest trafficked site during peak hours in 2015, behind only Netflix, Google and Apple.

If you love playing video games, this is great news, because you can monetize with Twitch.

Twitch allows you to make money directly through their service in three ways:

First, if your follower base and video view counts are high enough, you can sell your viewers a $5 subscription to your channel, which enables them access to special features.

Second, your viewers can give you donations, where you will likely make most of your money.

Third, you can enable ads during your stream, like with YouTube.

My opinion

Playing video games is typically viewed as a “lazy” activity, but Twitch allows you to turn your hobby into an income-generating lifestyle.

That’s awesome.

If you’re going to be playing video games anyway, why not invest some time into building a fan-base, then leveraging it to make money?

If you don’t already play video games, I recommend pursuing something else that has more versatile monetization capacity.

Who’s doing it successfully?

In 2015, Twitch user Lirik made an estimated $216,000 streaming on Twitch.

It’s his full-time “job.”

66. Stream on Twitch and Sell Sponsorships.

How much money can you make? Unlimited.

How it works.

Just like with YouTube, Snapchat or any other social media platform, brands and companies will approach you for sponsorship if you build a large follower base.

For Twitch, that could mean anything from using their product while you game to plugging it on your website or mentioning it on air while you stream.

My opinion

Sponsorships can certainly be lucrative.

If you’re already making money through subscriptions, ads and donations, why not add a fourth, revenue stream?

Who’s doing it successfully? 

In 2014, “Team Dignitas,” an eSports team, pulled in $1.6 million in sponsorship cash.

67. Stream on Twitch and Sell Your Own Merchandise. buy-and-sell-video-game-acc

How much money can you make? Unlimited.

How it works.

You can add yet another revenue stream by selling t-shirts and other merchandise.

Twitch integrates with TeeSpring to enable you to sell gear directly from your personal dashboard.

My opinion

The only thing potentially more lucrative than sponsorships is selling your own stuff.

With Twitch’s easy-to-use merchandise store, there’s zero reason not to take advantage of this.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Twitch user “Lirik” made over $150,000 off one shirt design.

68. Stream on Twitch and Sell Affiliate Products

 How much money can you make?

Unlimited, but typically the cap is roughly five figures a year a month.

How it works.

If you have a captive audience willing to watch you play video games for hours, take advantage of their attention and promote affiliate products.

Twitch is owned by Amazon so they encourage making use of the Amazon Affiliate program, but G2A, GreenManGaming, GameFanShop and J!NX are also great affiliate platforms.

My opinion

Affiliate links require no upfront cost or any sort of effort to build your own product.

Just get approved by the program and start plugging links to generate revenue.

Who’s doing it successfully? Twitch user Steven Bonnell made over an estimated $1000 per month from affiliate products in 2015.

69. Build and Sell Video Game Accounts.


How much money can you make?

Six figures a year.

How it works.

Video games revolve around accounts, and given how hot the market is these days, there are people out there who will want to buy your account if you’ve advanced far enough in the game.

My opinion

I think this approach is only good if you already play video games.

Like with most things, you won’t get very far doing it casually, and building a video game account can take much more time than, say, building a social media account.

That said, if you can figure out a strategy that allows you to grow multiple accounts to a point where it becomes attractive to buy very quickly, it’s a no brainer, especially if you love video games.

Who’s doing it successfully?

As of 2015, Shane Jeffrey had made $475,000 selling World of Warcraft accounts, and developed a full-time account-flipping site at

70. Create a Mobile Video Game and Sell Ads.

monetize on mobile selling ads

How much money can you make? Unlimited.

How it works. 

This is essentially the same concept as coding a web app.

Instead of building a web app, however, your goal is to create an addicting mobile game.

For examples, see Angry Birds, Flappy Birds and Candy Crush.

Give it away for free on a platform like the app store, and sell ads on it. An estimate from puts mobile ads at $3 CPM (you’re paid $3 for every 1000 impressions).

My opinion

I like this concept for its powerful passive income potential.

Note that this isn’t an easy path by any means.

It’s a numbers game and you can expect to be pumping out game after game until one hits the mark.

But if you do hit the mark, the payoff could be huge.

Who’s doing it successfully? 

The creator of Flappy Bird made $50,000 per day from in-app ads before shutting it down.

 71. Create an App.

how to make money on instagram

How much money can you make?


How it works.

By now you’ve most likely heard the wild success stories of Instagram and Whatsapp.

The concept behind these success stories is simple:

First, design something that provides value (i.e. makes people’s lives easier or more interesting).

Then acquire users – typically by giving it away for free. Finally, monetize by selling in-app purchases or ads.

This tried and true formula applies to everything from blogs to websites to social media accounts.

Apps are no different.

Again, if you can acquire a large number of users, the monetization will follow.

My opinion

I like how easy it is to scale an app from a business perspective, and I really appreciate the apps that are already improving lives, so I like this strategy overall.

The caveat is I’m not crazy about creating products or services before you have an organic

audience that trusts you and is willing to purchase from you.

Unless you’ve already built an audience before you launch, odds are your apps will fail until you you have an audience of willing purchasers.

This method is also a numbers game where you’ll need to be consistently churning out new apps if you want to be successful.

I (Harrison) have first-hand experience creating an app. I didn’t personally code it, but I did lead a team of USC computer engineers in making my idea for an app.

It was a flop that never got off the ground or even made it to the app store.

Once completed, all the engineers got real jobs and I was stuck with an app I had no idea if anyone wanted (and I had no idea how to market it if they did).

One way to mitigate this risk is to give the app away for free in order to build a user base.

People like free things, so you’ll have an easier time getting downloads.

All things considered, I  still give this method a thumbs up.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion, Whatsapp was bought by Facebook for

$19 billion and Snapchat famously turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook.

Acquisition numbers aside, Snapchat is projected to pull in $1 billion in ad revenue according to


Online Business Ideas with WordPress.

72. Build and Sell a WordPress Theme.

How much money can you make?


How it works.

Are you a web developer with an eye for design? Then building WordPress themes could be the perfect way to make money for you.

To get started, upload your theme to a WordPress marketplace.

The biggest are,,, and

When you make a sale, the site you’re selling on will take a cut (ThemeForest, for example, can take as much as 50%), but the instant marketing you receive by being listed is well worth the fee.

If you’d rather not give up a commission, you can always take the usual e-commerce route and market your theme by driving traffic to your own website via social, ads, and SEO.

My opinion.

This allows you to take advantage of a skill or passion and monetize it in a very organic way.

People are always looking for a slick theme for their website or blog, so the market is strong.

There’s strong passive income potential here too, especially if one of your themes becomes a bestseller, so I like this method a lot.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Christian Budschedl was the first seller on ThemeForest, a WordPress theme marketplace, to cross a whopping $2 million in sales.

He’s one of several ThemeForest millionaires.

73. Build and Sell a WordPress Plugin.

How much money can you make?


How it works.

If you’re a coder and you have an idea for a WordPress plugin, this is a great online business idea for you.

You can sell WordPress plugins on the marketplaces mentioned above like This is a passive income opportunity that allows you to either charge a one-time fee or a monthly subscription fee.

Whichever route you take, you’ll also be responsible for periodically updating the plugin for WordPress updates and maintenance.

That said, like most passive income opportunities, the majority of the work is done when you initially build the plugin.

My opinion

Any time you can generate recurring revenue through subscription fees, you have a golden business opportunity.

Nevertheless, earning a one-time fee is still great because you can get paid numerous times for the same amount of work.

This is a great money-making method any way you slice it.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Dmitry Semenov, a coder from Ukraine, has made over 26,000 sales on his Touch Content Slider plugin, which sells for $23 per download.

Podcast Online Business Ideas

74. Start a Daily Podcast and Sell Shout-Outs.

How much money can you make?

Seven figures a year.

How it works.

Produce a regular podcast built around a topic or niche you’re passionate about. To create content, interview influencers, talk about news, or hold roundtable discussions about important topics in the industry.

It can be as long or as short as you want, as long as you provide quality content.

It can also be released at any frequency (bi-weekly, monthly, etc.), but if you want to grow fast, I recommend producing podcasts daily.

Once you’ve accumulated a large following, approach companies relevant to your niche and sell shout-outs and sponsorships.

If your following is large enough, interested companies just might approach you on their own.

For a great example, check out Tim Ferriss’s podcast and how he almost always spends the first few minutes talking about his sponsors.

Those are paid shout-outs that allow him to monetize his show.

My opinion.

I like this a lot. Like social media, podcasts are a fantastic way to acquire followers quickly, and allow you to build a passionate audience of subscribers.

Selling sponsorships requires none of the work of launching your own product and can be fairly lucrative.

Who’s doing it successfully?

Estimates based on standard advertising rates indicate Joe Rogan’s wildly successful podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, generates $50,000-$100,000 in revenue per week.

75. Start a Daily Podcast and Sell Your Own Product.

daily podcast

How much money can you make?

Six figures a year per month.

How it works.

Build a podcast around a topic or niche you’re passionate about. It can revolve around just

about anything – from race cars, to fashion, to coffee, and everything in between.

Get creative and host guest interviews, talk about controversial topics and feature cool products.

Regularly produce shows (as mentioned in an earlier method, daily podcasts yield the fastest growth rate) and build a passionate audience.

Once you have an active fan base, create your own product and sell to them.

Make sure it’s a product relevant to your niche.

For example, if your podcast is about coffee, you could sell them your own blend.

If it’s about home improvement, you could sell them a unique tool you created.

It also doesn’t have to be a completely original product.

For instance, you can launch a T-shirt with your logo on it in minutes with

My opinion

Selling your own product may require more work than selling sponsorships, but the benefits include keeping all the profit and building your own brand.

If your product is high quality, it’ll also give your podcast a nice boost in legitimacy and position it as a top-notch show.

So the extra work seems absolutely worth it.

Who’s doing it successfully?

John Lee Dumas, creator of the hit podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire, created a podcast episode every single day without making a dime. Now he regularly pulls in at least five figures a year a month from his product The Freedom Journal, a diary designed to help you achieve your goals.


So what do you do with a list like this?

You try one idea (just one) and go from there.

If you need help getting started, feel free to contact me.

And remember, you can download a pdf version of this article with 25 more online business ideas below:

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